We offer bright zinc plated, spring steel wire clips to suspend signs and mobiles from drop-ceiling T-Bars... Our t-bar clips can be used with almost any drop ceiling, t bar grid, false, suspended, or other grid ceiling. The tbar clips can be installed without ladders using our unique ladderless installation tools, including our Versa-Tool ladderless sign hanging pole and our VersaTool with Adapter, for use with Adhesive Mounts and Magnets. Each Versa Tool is an extension pole ideal for t-bar clip, adhesive mount, or magnet installation.

Wire T-Bar Clips are generally the most cost effective, inexpensive fasteners for hanging temporary and permanent signage from drop or suspended ceilings. The open design of these grid ceiling clips makes attaching to Light Weight Chain, Decorative Chain, Double Hooks, Hanging Hooks, Loop-End Cables, and Cable Assemblies neat and simple. The clips, adhesive mounts, and magnets can be installed by easy hand installation or using one of our Extension poles.

We offer light weight and heavy duty clips, as well as mini clips. Our small, compact clips are economical and easy to install by hand.

Many of our clips can be used with Barb-End Cords, Mobile Cords, or Barbed Cords.